The Hungarian artist was born (1979) and raised in Transylvania / Romania.
She graduated Philology and completed her master‘s degree in European Studies.

2002 she moved to Austria and has been living since 2007 in Vienna, where she successfully completed a three-year-course for Artistic Photography at fotoK.



2007 [04.-09.] Single exhibition at the Salon Haarlem, Kufstein

2007 [09.] „A wie Alpha“, group exhibition in the Galerie Ainberger, Kufstein

2008 [03.] „100 Views of Transylvania“, open-air group exhibition of the winners of
„Transylvania Photography Awards 2008“, Budapest

2008 [05.] „Speed 08“, group exhibition at fotoK, Vienna

2008 [10.] „Off Camera“, group exhibition at the offspace Bildetage, Vienna

2009 [03.] Photo book presentation, group exhibition at fotoK, Vienna

2009 [06.] „Speed 09“, group exhibition at fotoK, Vienna

2009 [06.] „Leerlauf“, group exhibition at Liniert, Vienna

2010 [01.] „Kill My Darling“, group exhibition at fotoK, Vienna

2010 [10.] "Anders beschäftigt", diploma exhibition at fotoK, Vienna

2011 [11.] "Politische Kunst", exhibition at Kuhturm, Leipzig

2011 [12.] "Die Sehnsucht der Zugewanderten", group exhibition in fotoK [2] Galerie, Vienna



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